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Son’s pledge to raise awareness of blood donations after losing his father to cancer

Shaun Morgans running in Newport

A young blood donor from Swansea is on a mission to inspire other young people to follow in his footsteps.

After losing his father to stomach cancer in 2014, Shaun Morgans became one of the youngest donors in the UK to make over 25 blood donations. Every donation can help up to three patients meaning his commitment to donating could have saved up to 75 people in need.

Thanks to donors, my family were able to spend extra time with my father.

Shaun Morgans

Now 24 years old, Shaun began donating blood at the age of 17 and is urging others to follow in his footsteps.

Shaun said: “I saw first-hand how important blood donations were for my father, which is why I became a blood donor. Since then, I’ve been determined to do everything I can to support others in similar circumstances.

“Only three per cent of those who can donate do, and that’s why it’s vital to me as a young donor to raise awareness. Not many people realise that you can donate once you turn 17.

Giving Runs in Your Blood

We’re looking to inspire amateur and professional runners across the country to promote blood donation through ‘Giving Runs in Your Blood’, a campaign created alongside two of the biggest national running organisations, Welsh Athletics and Run 4 Wales.

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“I’m proud to have taken my younger brother to his first blood donation too, alongside my mum, we’ll continue to donate as a family.”

Avid runner Shaun’s desire to promote blood donation went beyond the donation chair recently too as he discovered Welsh Blood Service’s ‘Giving Runs in Your Blood’ initiative.

Shaun was one of three amateur athletes who secured a ‘Welsh Blood Service’ spot at the recent Newport 10k. The runners each pledged to help raise awareness about the importance of blood donations and hopefully inspire new donors to sign up too.

The ‘Giving Runs in Your Blood’ initiative was launched with the support of Run4Wales and Welsh Athletics, the Welsh Blood Service’s latest community partners. The three organisations have joined together to encourage amateur and professional runners across Wales to make lifesaving blood donations.

Heart running route - Aberystwyth
Heart running route - Bala
Heart running route - Bangor
Heart running route - Bridgend
Heart running route - Cardiff
Heart running route - Newport

Run your route

Whether you’re a veteran at your local running club or just digging your trainers out of the back of the cupboard, get involved by following one of our heart-shaped routes, spread across several Welsh communities, and by coming along to your nearest blood donation session.

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These donations play a vital role in saving lives each day by supporting a range of treatments, from helping recovering accident victims and patients with blood cancers to supporting mothers and new-born babies during childbirth. The Welsh Blood Service needs to collect 350 blood donations a day to supply the 20 hospitals across the country.

Giving blood is considered an essential service and donation sessions have continued across Wales throughout the pandemic with additional safety measures introduced to meet Welsh Government guidance.

Shaun added: “Thanks to donors, my family were able to spend extra time with my father. If you’re fit and healthy, please book an appointment to give blood. You really can make a huge difference for so many people.

Giving Runs in Your Blood campaign image of runner Shaun Morgans

If you are aged 17 or over, find out if you can make a lifesaving blood donation

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